Our Mission

Raven Clinical is an integrated multi-site, clinical research trial network dedicated to transforming clinical research by prioritizing diversity and inclusion. Our mission is to advance healthcare outcomes through innovative trials that represent and serve underserved populations. We commit to fostering collaborative partnerships and leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure equitable and ethical research practices.

Our Vision

At Raven Clinical, we envision a future where clinical research is a beacon of innovation, inclusivity, and scientific excellence. Our aspiration is to emerge as a global leader in the field, setting new benchmarks in how clinical trials are conceived, conducted, and utilized to advance medical science.

We are dedicated to transforming the landscape of healthcare research by ensuring that underserved populations are not just represented, but are at the forefront of our scientific endeavors. Our vision extends beyond conducting trials; we aim to build enduring partnerships, foster community trust, and contribute to the global body of medical knowledge in ways that are ethical, equitable, and groundbreaking.

Through relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to diversity, we strive to make a lasting impact on global health outcomes, ensuring that the benefits of medical advancements reach all corners of society.

Featured Physicians

Our extensive network of dedicated physicians forms the backbone of Raven Clinical, uniting to pioneer diversity and inclusion in clinical research

  • Dr. Chesahna Kindred

    Dr. Chesahna Kindred

  • Dr. Marthe Dika

    Dr. Marthe Dika

  • Dr. Dwana R. Shabazz

    Dr. Dwana R. Shabazz

  • Dr. Porcia Bradford Love

    Dr. Porcia Bradford Love

Diversify Your Clinical Trials.

“We are proud to champion diversity and inclusion in clinical research, driving healthcare innovation that benefits all. Join our mission for a healthier, more equitable future.” - Raven Team