Pioneering Diversity in Clinical Trials

Raven Clinical is an integrated multi-site, clinical research trial network dedicated to transforming clinical research by prioritizing diversity and inclusion. Our commitment to inclusive, efficient, and expertly managed trials positions us as the go-to partner for pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers seeking to make a tangible impact on global health equity.

Improved diversity
Enhanced impact
Dr. Chesahna Kindred

“I am proud to be a part of Raven's Clinical research trials network because it empowers me to make a real impact on patient care while ensuring diversity and inclusivity in clinical research.”

Dr. Chesahna Kindred

Raven Clinical

Direct Access to Diverse Patient Populations

At Raven Clinical, we specialize in connecting pharmaceutical companies with diverse patient populations, ensuring your clinical trials meet and exceed diversity goals effortlessly.

Our direct pipeline to minority patients provides a unique opportunity for inclusive research, enhancing the representativeness and relevance of your clinical trials.

<span>Direct Access to Diverse Patient Populations</span>

Network of Minority-Owned Practices

Our expansive network of minority-owned and operated private practices stands at the core of our operations, offering authentic engagement with minority patient communities.

Leverage Raven Clinical's network to tap into a rich resource of minority patient populations, rooted in trust and credibility established over years of community presence.

<span>Network of Minority-Owned Practices</span>

Credibility with Minority Patients

Partner with Raven Clinical to harness the power of deep community connections, enhancing patient trust and participation in your clinical trials.

Our network's long-standing roots in minority communities have cultivated profound credibility and trust, ensuring higher engagement and participation in clinical trials.

<span>Credibility with Minority Patients</span>

Research Sponsors

For research sponsors including drug and medical device companies we offer the following.

  • Access to diverse patient groups, ensuring trials meet federal diversity mandates.

  • A network of underrepresented clinical investigators, providing reliable patient recruitment in minority communities.

  • Above 98% trial completion rate, ensuring efficient and successful trial outcomes.

  • Access to patients in underrepresented communities

<span>Research Sponsors</span>

"Joining Raven Clinical has been a game-changer for our research team. The platform allows us to connect our underrepresented patients to life saving research with a positive impact on our communities. "

Isla Hill

Diversify Your Clinical Trials.

“We are proud to champion diversity and inclusion in clinical research, driving healthcare innovation that benefits all. Join our mission for a healthier, more equitable future.” - Raven Team